Horizon Institute of import and Export Management (HiiEM),
Well not everyone is willing to share it, but every business has a story to tell. Mr Sagar Agravat has started his export business journey at the very young age of 21. He comes from very humble family background. He has extraordinary vision since his childhood times. Being a Gujarati,business in his blood. Mr Sagar believes in creating history, but not having a proper platform to perform he wasn’t able to do that. So he saw a vision to start his own export business under the name of ‘Horizon Exim’. After giving 6+ years dedication and hard work.Today, his company gets international recognition in more than 15+ Country till now.

Mr Sagar Agravat believes in giving back to the society with aim to helping the Indian citizen, that’s why he has started a practical import export Training institute under the name of HIIEM (Horizon Institute of Import and Export) and Youtube Channel having 60 thousand ++ subscribers and 17 lakh+ viewes. HIIEM is India’s fastest growing practical import export institute. This platform welcome you to explore the opportunity in the Field of export and import.We encourage our fellow citizens to learn and join the initiative started under the leadership of the Indian goverment to make India proud on the world index. Mr Sagar Agravat has trained 5000+ Industrialist, students, farmers, traders, manufacturers and many more who has built their career in export import industry under his guidance.

HIIEM is one stop solution for your export import business journey. This Program is especially designed for Entrepreneurs, Corporates, Industrialist, Manufacturers , Traders, Employees and students. We’ll help you to take your business from “Local to Global”.



To be the leading international business training institute that empowers individuals and organizations to thrive in the global marketplace.


To promote ethical and socially responsible business practices in international trade, by emphasizing the importance of fair trade, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility in all our training programs and initiatives.